Rose currently works as a freelance Sr. Copywriter, dreaming up branded content for ad agencies and clients across LA with her creative partner. Previously, she was Sr. Copywriter at The Many (formerly Mistress Creative), Sr. Writer at Madison + Vine and Copywriter at Ignition Creative. She’s led both brand and entertainment projects and somehow convinced some judges to like them. Rose’s pitching record is pretty good; her baseball pitching record, however, is pretty abysmal.

Rose earned her B.S. in Marketing Communication from Emerson College in Boston, but ultimately resigned from the long winters and is now living and eating on the east side of Los Angeles. 

When she's not working, Rose enjoys good books and bad dad jokes. Some of her personal projects include directing music videos and doing stand-up comedy. She also writes essays, short stories, silly poems and the occasional rap song when she feels particularly insane.